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Is it possible to summarise information collected in a container

matt-chDec 19 2023 — edited Dec 19 2023

I am using a value list to to drive a drop-down to hide/show containers.

Choosing any one option from the drop-down will show further questions relating to that option only. The hide/show is controlled using visibility, at the container level. So anything within the container is either displayed…or not…depending on the option selected.

I have decided to use containers to make the policy easy to troubleshoot.

The further questions go on to be concatenated - with other information - into a thread, which ultimately get pushed into an incident thread.

My question is…as the container has effectively already summarised the further questions, is there any way this summary can be accessed without needing to work out which individual attributes to put into the concatenation function.


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Added on Dec 19 2023