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Is it possible to profile a WilfFly (as a service) application developed on OpenJDK with JDK Mission

User_HMTR3Jun 1 2022

I work in a firm that use a software developed with WildFly. Since now, that software was running with the Java Runtime. Sometimes, I used Java Mission Control to profile that software and detect problems.
The last release I installed does not use the Java Runtime, it runs on OpenJDK. I tried to use JMC to profile it, but I am not able to. I tried it the same way I used to with the oldest version.
I downloaded the JDK Mission Control from internet, thinking I could profile my software with it, but I havent been able to.
My question is : is it possible to use JDK Mission Control to profil a software that runs on OpenJDK or it's only possible with a software running on the Java Runtime ?
I tried to find informations over the internet, but I don't understand everything, because all that concerns JAVA is complicated for me.
Thank you for your help.
Best regards.

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Added on Jun 1 2022