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Is it possible to create a (unique) index on a single partition of a table?

Liam DDec 15 2023


I'm trying to migrate a couple of TB of data from a manually partitioned schema to using the Oracle built in partitioning.

I'm running into plenty of niggles exchanging partitions, most of which I have been able to work around.

The latest one is an index mismatch because the old tables have a UNIQUE index on 3 of the columns, which do not include the column on which the tables are being range partitioned.

A GLOBAL UNIQUE index on the partitioned table is not 'the same', and fails the pre-exchange tests. A LOCAL index on the whole partitioned table cannot be UNIQUE as it doesn't include the partition range column.

So is there any way that I can create a LOCAL UNIQUE index on an individual partition of the partitioned table?

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Added on Dec 15 2023