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Is it possible to change the plan type of Web Forms in PBCS without doing black magic in LCM?

David SamaniegoSep 29 2022 — edited Sep 29 2022

I´m replicating 40 WebForms to another plan type and I´m just a few steps to blow out !!!
I wonder why in Oracle no one has think in those easy kind of things... like customizing text formatting in the Web Forms etc .... for Oracle Hyperion EPBCS/On premise developers/users/trolls and magicians of this world, our life will be easier with these solutions to issues that exists from the beggining of times (moreless from Sauron ages)
Regards to the whole community,
Gandalf the Gray (it would be great to be Gandalf the White, but today is not the day, for sure, it will be clear tomorrow)
Any help or trick would be great and appreciated.