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Is Hyper converged Infrastructure the recommended architecture for on-premise builds ?

MaxApr 28 2021 — edited May 4 2021

DB version: 19c
OS : Oracle Linux 8.3

In my shop, I have a requirement to build around 20 databases with total storage of about 70TB in our Datacentre (not cloud).
Two of these databases will be 3-node RAC and remaining 17 will be 2-node RACs.

My shop received quotes from HP, Lenovo, Oracle, Dell/EMC for Servers and SAN storage.
Then we also received quotes from Hyper Converged Infrastructure (HCI) Architecture vendors like Nutanix, HP and Dell for.
The Hyper Converged Infrastructure guys say that SAN boxes are old architecture. But, is it really true or just sales talk ?

From an Oracle Database perspective, which is better ? The 'traditional' Server + SAN or HCI ? Is it really RAC friendly ? Nutanix guy says RACs can be built on their HCI. Not sure, if it just a sales talk

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Added on Apr 28 2021
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