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Is Developer Studio abandoned and discontinued by Oracle?

kovalNov 20 2019 — edited Jul 18 2020

I want to know if it is safe to assume that C++ compiler project has been abandoned by Oracle?

Earlier when I reported problems on this forum there were answers from the compiler team guys. My last question has been unaswered for 3 weeks and as I can see the last time compiler guy even logged in here was in May.

It looks for me like Oracle is no longer interested in supporting the compiler and even less so in considering to release a new version with C++17.

I want to know it this is true so I could have a strong argument at my workplace to push for migrating from Solaris to Linux and switching to gcc or clang - if there are bugs in the compiler which could affect our code we will have no way to have them fixed and will be forced to find ugly workarounds instead of using regular C++. Linux being better supported all over the world than Solaris seems up till now not enough for them but I believe unsupported compiler should be more convincing.

Thanks in advance for the answer

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Added on Nov 20 2019