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IR (Interactive Report) Filter is not working, how to debug?

JPL_12Jun 19 2014 — edited Jul 3 2014


Firefox 24.5

I have a complicated page, which includes an Interactive Report.

Mostly works fine, except for following:

Under Actions menu - clicking Filter only causes Firefox to show the 'Processing Request' circle (ajax-loader.gif), it will never show the Filter details.

Running the action of this button


on this page has the same result.

Some other Actions like 'Select Columns' are working fine.

Other Actions like 'Highlight' is also not working.

Other pages with IR work fine with Firefox.

Given the complexity of the page, I prefer not to simply rebuild the whole page from scratch.

The problematic page works fine in Internet Explorer and Chrome.

How to troubleshoot / debug this?

(Most people in our office don't have Chrome, so telling them to use Chrome is not an option.

Internet Explorer is way slower, and has some other issues).

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