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IO Error: the network adapter could not establish the connection - from remote PC only

User_NAE5AJul 15 2022

Dear all,
I am not an oracle export so please apologize some bad wording. Hope the category is not too bad...
We are running an oracle 18.4 XE data base.
Right from that server were the DB is running i can connect via SQL developer and some other java app without issues.
But if I try to connect to that DB from my Windows 10 PC via network the SQL-Developer and same java app reports the "IO Error: the network adapter could not establish the connection".
The SQL developer on my Windows 10 PC is working normal if I connect to a complete different Oracle DB. So I would not see any local issues on that Windows 10 PC, firewall or blocked ports.
I tried to google a lot but did not find a proper suggest fix that issue.
Thanks for any help.

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Added on Jul 15 2022