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Invoking business service every time after transaction processing (Siebel Loyalty Engine)

User_FYRA5Apr 25 2022

Hello guys,
We are using Siebel Loyalty Engine component in order to give bonuses to our customers. We need to implement business logic, where we should send a push notifications right after client gains bonuses. The process of sending push notifications realized as business service, so we need to invoke it every time, when transaction is processed. We tried to implement the logic by using RTE on LOY Engine Transaction business component, but it did not fired when WriteRecord event triggered. We opened SR and had an advise to do it by another way without using vanilla components like LOY Engine Transaction or LOY Processing Engine business service. Then we tried to use OnFieldUpdateSet or OnFieldUpdateInvoke component properties, but it is not suit for us because of the component class does not supports it
If you implemented the same logic or have any idea how to do it, please let me know

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Added on Apr 25 2022