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Invoking af:link destination

DLopezJun 26 2017 — edited Jul 1 2017


I'm using JDev

I have created a Servlet that is triggered by af:link with attribute destination (only way that I successfully put it to work).

I'm trying to use a poll to validate if it's required to call the servlet or not, but not having any luck calling the servlet programmatically.

I tried:

- ActionEvent, added an Action to it that does nothing (destination should fire before ActionEvent), didn't work;

- JavaScript with the af:link id and triggering the click, didn't work either;

Any ideas?



I managed to, using JavaScript, simulate the click on the link, but now it asks me what I want to do with the file, basically it reacts as if it was a download (not good), but if I click the link with the mouse it works as it should be (no download popup).

Why the two different situations with the same code?

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