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"Invalid Login Credentials" and locked account in APEX 3.2

SedsoAug 31 2009 — edited Aug 31 2009

Using APEX 3.2 and having problems with login.

There are two accounts in APEX, one of them is a developer (account_developer) and the other is both admin and developer (account_admin)

Case 1: account_developer
Has requested a new password. When I try this password, I go futher in the system so that system wants me to change the temporary password. However, it does not like the temporary password it has sent. I get an error: Invalid Password

Case 2: account_admin
As a result of using wrong passwords, this account is locked. Got a new password with "reset password" but none of the passwords are accepted by the system. When I try the sent password, I get "Invalid Login Credentials" error.

How can I let these accounts work properly?

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