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Internet Speed Issue

JanGLiSep 27 2017 — edited Sep 27 2017


I am using Hyperion Planning, Calculation Manager, FDMEE, HFM and Financial Studio Reporting. Base version of all these application is

I work using wifi. My servers are located in different cities (though they are on LAN). The frequent issue i am facing is application getting stuck for no reason.

FDMEE will stuck loading a simple CSV mapping file,

Report will just stuck at processing,

A data form or web grid will just stuck at processing etc etc

the only solution i have is to log off or close the browser and log in again. Which work every-time. The good things is i have opened a command prompt and pinging the server constantly. When ever anything get stuck i look at the ping and this is what it looks like most of the time:


My theory is that when a request is sent to server and due to timeout or high ping the application didn't get an answer from server due to which it get stuck in processing.
my main goal is to clarify that whether this issue arrives due to internet or bad performance tunning of application.


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