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intermittent gap after GetConnectionPool() in unmanaged provider

Cristina BahmJan 29 2024

We are seeing an occasional gap of anywhere from 1 to 4 seconds between (EXIT) GetConnectionPool() and the next line in the trace (NON-RLB) (DISP). This presents as a hang to the user. Can anyone help me understand what is going on during this portion of the connect sequence and what might be the cause/resolution? The Oracle listener log at the database logs the connection attempt at the end of the gap.

TIME:2023/06/06-05:09:16:914 TID: dac (ENTRY) OracleConnection::Open()
TIME:2023/06/06-05:09:16:914 TID: dac (ENTRY) OpsConAllocValCtx()
TIME:2023/06/06-05:09:16:914 TID: dac (EXIT) OpsConAllocValCtx(): Alloc=449879760 RetCode=0 Line=487
TIME:2023/06/06-05:09:16:914 TID: dac (ENTRY) GetConnectionPool()
TIME:2023/06/06-05:09:16:914 TID: dac (EXIT) GetConnectionPool() [10] (opsRes=0)
TIME:2023/06/06-05:09:17:919 TID: dac (GRID) (NON-RLB) (DISP) (inst=cad94) ≤=== 1 second gap
TIME:2023/06/06-05:09:17:919 TID: dac (POOL) (AFFINITY) (Dispensed con for cad94; no affinity specified
TIME:2023/06/06-05:09:17:919 TID: dac (POOL) (AFFINITY) (inst=cad94: tot=5; used=5; idle=0)
TIME:2023/06/06-05:09:17:919 TID: dac (ENTRY) OpsConIsACEnabled()
TIME:2023/06/06-05:09:17:919 TID: dac OpsConIsACEnabled(): OCI_ATTR_FO_TYPE on the Connection: 2
TIME:2023/06/06-05:09:17:919 TID: dac (EXIT) OpsConIsACEnabled(): RetCode=0, failOverType=2

This application is a very time sensitive application so this gap/hang is a problem for us.

This is the connect string:

"data source=XXXX;User Id=XXXX;Enlist=False;Promotable Transaction=local;Min Pool Size=1;Ha Events=false;Connection Timeout=60"

Oracle 19c with the October 2023 CPU, windows 32-bit unmanaged provider. We have also made the following addition to connection parameters with no change in behavior

change Min Pool Size=10

change Connection Timeout=90

add Max Pool Size=300

add Decr Pool Size=3

This post has been answered by Alex Keh-Oracle on Jan 31 2024
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Added on Jan 29 2024