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Interactive report Refresh Doesn't Work

Mencis JoeApr 1 2016 — edited May 27 2016

Hi. I have an interactive report and  a select2 plugin item in a page. When a value in the select2 item is changed, I want the interactive report to get refreshed based on the value. So I created a dynamic action as follows.

Event: Change

Selection Type: PX_SELECT2_ITEM

Action: Refresh

Affected elements:

Selection Type: Region

Region: Interactive Report Region.

To make sure the dynamic action is getting triggered when I change the select2 item, I added a true action before the refresh. This is a javascript alert. So I have 2 true actions. 1.Javascript alert and 2. Refresh. The javascript alert actions is getting triggered but the refresh action is not working at all. Any suggestions please. Thanks.

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