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Interactive Grid - Row/cell selection mode

partlycloudyNov 2 2018 — edited Nov 2 2018

Few questions/comments on usability around basic editing....let's take the Basic Editing page in the Sample Interactive Grids app

  1. The default mode for Actions > Selection is Row selection. How can this be changed to Cell selection?
  2. The default shortcut key for toggling this mode is F8 but looks like you first need to click on a row for the shortcut key to be recognized. Is this right? The expectation for keyboard shortcuts is that they are always available. If I have to click on a row and then press F8, I may as well use the Actions > Selection > Row/Cell menu option.
  3. Suppose I click into the Commission cell on the first row and enter a value. The entire grid is now in edit mode so clicking anywhere activates the input element in the cell. It is remarkably hard to switch to Cell selection mode. I have to click on the Edit button in the toolbar to take the grid out of edit mode and only then does F8 or the menu action work. This is extremely inconvenient. When I am Cell selection mode, I expect to click in a  cell, enter a value and Shift-Click on a cell further down in the column to select the cells in between. That doesn't work, clicking in the cell activates it for edit instead!
  4. If I forget that I am in Cell selection mode and use the Actions > Fill option, the entire row gets the entered value regardless of data types. IMHO the Fill option makes little sense for a row selection
  5. So I am finally able to sucessfully able to fill Commission = 10 in all the rows. Now I realized I made a mistake, I need to revert changes. The row selector column header actions menu Revert Changes option is not available! Instead, I have to flip back to Row selection mode, select all my desired rows again and then pick Revert Changes. Again, this is very non-intuitive and inconvenient.
  6. Let's move on to LOV-based items. I use Cell selection mode to highlight a few cells in the  Department  column. Choose Actions > Selection > Fill. I get a simple text box without a dropdown. I carefully type in RESEARCH. To my surprise, all the cells are cleared instead of filling in with RESEARCH. After scratching my head for a second, I realize  that it's probably because the IG expects the department code instead of the department value. How is a user expected to know the internal code, that's a big reason for using LOV-based items in the first place, to hide internal codes. Again, very non-intuitive and inconvenient.

Am I missing something?


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Added on Nov 2 2018