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Interactive grid Performance issue with large data

Harika GurramApr 2 2024

We have an interactive grid with around 55K rows and when we try to load that page, it takes around 25 seconds to load. I tried different parameters like lazy loading, turning off total count and also switching between page and scroll and optimizer hints like first_rows(10) and nothing helped.

I have read other posts and realized that IG is fetching all the db rows before loading the page and hence it is slow. I added the rownum ≤10 condition to test and the page loads in a second.

Is there any setting we can apply to say to fetch only first few rows that are shown to user. For example if im showing with pagination of 10 rows can i say just fetch 10 rows and fetch remaining as user navigates? Any setting with fetch size would be of great help.



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Added on Apr 2 2024
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