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Interactive Grid: Passing value via URL works, but captured as error by Advisor

DannyS-OracleMar 21 2018 — edited Mar 21 2018

Hi everyone,

I noticed that if I passed a parameter value for an Interactive Grid's Link column, Apex Advisor will mark it as an error - even though it is working as expected. To reproduce the error, you can try opening the Packaged App: Sample Interactive Grids. If you run the Advisor for Page 13, you will get an error which says "EMPNO does not exist". This EMPNO is located at the Interactive Grid's ENAME column, used as a parameter value to be passed to the next page.

Does anyone know how to suppress or fix this error? I am using Apex v5.1.

P.S. This question might be similar to mine, but it has not been answered yet:

This post has been answered by Pierre Yotti on Mar 21 2018
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