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Interactive Grid - Make a particular cell read-only

Uday S. NadellaMay 20 2024 — edited May 20 2024

I'm trying to make the cells under ‘Bill Percent’ and ‘Bill Amount’ as read-only whenever the Top Task ID is not equal to Task ID.So that the user can enter the amounts at the Top Task level and cascade the entered values to the lower task levels.

I was trying to achieve using Java Script and JQuery but need help on this logic . i have written the below code but it does not work ..

var model = apex.region("Project_Tasks_IG").widget().interactiveGrid("getViews", "grid").model; // Retrieve the model

var taskid = model.getFieldKey("TASK_ID"); // Retrieve the field key
var toptaskid = model.getFieldKey("TOP_TASK_ID"); // Retrieve the field key

var codeValue = apex.item("P2_BILL_LEVEL").getValue();

model.forEach(function (record, index, id) {

var taskidval = record[taskid];
var toptaskidval = record[toptaskid];

if (!isNaN(taskidval) && codeValue === 'TT' && taskidval !== toptaskidval) {
$('#Project_Tasks_IG').find("tr:eq(index)").find("td:eq(7)").prop("readonly", true);

     //$("#BILL\_PERCENT").prop("readonly", false);  
  // $("#BILL\_PERCENT").removeClass('apex\_disabled');   



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Added on May 20 2024