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Interactive Grid - incorrect sorting with mix of Control Break enabled/disabled columns

user-qua2rMar 7 2023 — edited Mar 7 2023

Hi all,

We found this issue using Apex 21.1 on Oracle 19C, and I've replicated it on using Apex

The link to my demo app is:

This should be publicly accessible.

The page has 2 interactive grids on it, and an interactive report.

All reports source from the same view I've created which is just a generated list.

All reports are setup with default primary report settings to Control Break on “Control Break Column”, and sort ascending by “Order By First Column”, then sort ascending by “Order By Second Column”.

We've found that when you edit the properties of a column within an IG and switch Enable Users To → Control Break/Aggregate off on one column, while retaining it on other columns then 2 issues occur.

The first issue is that sorting the IG by at least one column with Control Break/Aggregate enabled and any columns with Control Break/Aggregate disabled will ignore the columns that have Control Break/Aggregate disabled when sorting the data.

The first IG on the page has Control Break disabled on Order By First Column, and it orders by the Control Break Column, then the Order By Second Column only.

The second IG on the page has Control Break/Aggregate enabled on all columns, and correctly orders by the Control Break Column, then the Order By First Column, and then the Order By Second Column

This behaviour also occurs without the Control Break applied. If you are trying to sort by Order By First Column, and Order By Second Column on the first IG the query will only include Order By Second Column in it's order by clause.

For our use case we can leave the Control Break/Aggregate option enabled on any columns that have Sort enabled but this feels like a bug so thought we should post it.

The second issue is not so much of a problem for us as it doesn't produce incorrect output, but I think is unintended behaviour that the user can still apply a Control Break to a column which has Control Break/Aggregate disabled fairly easily.

When clicking the column header the option to Control Break does not appear, but if a Control Break is applied using the Actions menu, or by clicking on an existing Control Break to bring up the config popup then they can just change the column and apply a Control Break on the column which should have the option disabled:

The IR at the bottom of the page is included just to show that this works with my idea of expected behaviour.

It has Control Break disabled on Order By First Column.

Using the actions menu, column header, or an existing Control Break, I can't see a way to apply a Control Break on Order By First Column

When sorting by columns that have Control Break disabled as well as those with it enabled, it sorts in the correct order.

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Added on Mar 7 2023