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Interactive Grid Custom SaveAction

77VetterJul 19 2022

I have an InteractiveGrid with link column users can click to call another page that is Modal window with another embedded interactive grid. When user clicks the link the modal opens and users can manipulate data in interactive grid. I want the functionality in the modal/IG to be as follows:
Users manipulate data i.e. add/delete/update
User clicks Save
Validations run and notify user of issues and halt processing
Save data - if no validation errors
Close Modal. The data in the calling interactive grid does not need to be refreshed as it is separate data.
I have tried adding a Close Dialog Process but it doesn't seem to be called as nothing happens.
I have added custom buttons for the Save/Add/Delete with Dynamic Actions with two true actions for the Save button:
execute javascript: apex.region( "my_ig" ).widget().interactiveGrid( "getActions" ).invoke( "save" )
The Add and Delete buttons are working fine. The issue is the Save button/ CloseDialog DA seems to be bypassing displaying the Validation errors and just closes the dialog without saving (if there are validation issues). If there are no validation errors it saves correctly and closes the dialog so it sort of works but need it to display the validation errors and halt processing.
How can I get the validation messages to display and halt processing allowing user to fix issues?

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Added on Jul 19 2022