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Interactive Grid - Conditional Icon Column

SteveQuinlivanMar 17 2022

Evening all,
hope you can help.
I've done so much research on this topic, but still cant get it to work.
I'm am trying to add a column to an Interactive Grid that shows icons, based on the values from another column.
I can do this in a Classic report and an Interactive Report by setting the Column Formatting / HTML Expression of the Plain Text Field using something like <span class="fa #STATUS_ICON2#" style="color: #ICON_COLOR2#"></span>.
When I try to use the above method in the IG, using the HTML Expression column type, the column just shows blank.
I'm currently using version 19.2.
Any help will be greatly appreciated.

This post has been answered by Hamza Al-abbasi on Mar 17 2022
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Added on Mar 17 2022