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Interactive grid - autocomplete + quick pick - setting column value dynamically

andres316 days ago

I have an interactive grid with four modifiable columns and about 10 read-only columns. The target would be to make one of the modifiable fields “Text field with autocomplete” + add one “Quick pick” - a certain value (different for every row) to be selectable with one click only.

As the “Text field with Autocomplete” item type exists in Interactive grid (being on 24.1 should that matter), this was the easy part. So i'm stuck with the quick pick.

As i'm not a good friend of Javascript, i thought “Dynamic Actions should be great for this”, created a column with static value (say “copy”) hoping to get through with Event of type “Click” and action with type “Set Value”. And it worked (not by copying the value but selecting it from the database).. with two restrictions i'd like to get rid of.

First - i couldn't get the action “Set Value” working with “Text field with autocomplete”. If i change the field type to “Text” or even “Select list” - no problem. Should work the same with “Text field with autocomplete”? It did not. Bug? User error?

Second - the "Click" action seems to need an editable item. If i change static column (with text “copy”) read-only - to make it look like a link or a button - clicking it doesn't fire the “Set Value” action even when item type is “Text” or “Select list”. Should i make it a link with target “URL” with “javascript:something”? What would that something be? Or is there a workaround with dynamic actions to achieve the original goal - autocomplete + quickpick?

Any guidance would be appreciated..

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