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Interacive Report "IN" filter trims values [bugreport]

Philip.1543Oct 6 2014 — edited Oct 6 2014


I want to perfom a filter (exact match) on a text field using IR. The field's value can start with a space char. I set a filter (field = value) and that works fine.

Now I want to set "IN" filter: i select the column name, the "in" operator and for the expression I select one of the values. And this filter fails if the value starts with a space. One can find that IR trims the value when using "IN" filter.

The bug remains when I use LOV-based field instead of text one.

I made a small app on to reproduce this behavior.

That's not a question actually HELP GUYS HOW TO AVOID THIS ISSUE?!, it is rather a bug reprocuced on 4.1.0 and 4.2.5


PS. Am I right to report a bug here?

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Added on Oct 6 2014
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