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Integration Weblogic 11g wih Active directory on Windows 2022

user-pe4i1Mar 2 2023


we have in AD following groups called access rights:

  • group 1
  • group 2
  • group 3
  • group n

then we have workplace groups:

  • workplace group A
  • workplace group B

workplace group A, for example, need to inhering access rights from group 2 and 3 so when we put user in to workgplace group A and when we pass that to Weblogic, web logic needs to see that user is member of group 2 and 3.


  • what is best way to organize these groups in Active directory, what is Oracle Weblogic best practice ?
    • how to organize OU and group types in AD in order to have this working properly
  • what is Weblogic AD access string what needs to be added to Weblogic configuration in order to be able to pull out nested groups?

Thank you.

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Added on Mar 2 2023