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integrating oracle business intelligence with adf

3491748Apr 30 2018 — edited May 1 2018

As it's clear from the topic, i want my bi integrated with adf.
in some documents there you have to add 5 extensions to oracle jdeveloper.

  • Business Intelligence ADF Task Flow
  • Business Intelligence ADF View Regions
  • Business Intelligence Composer
  • Business Intelligence Logical SQL View Objects
  • Business Intelligence Soap Connection

First, But I couldn't find "Business Intelligence Composer" among jdeveloper extensions in oracle site.

Second, I can add three extensions (Business Intelligence ADF View Regions, Business Intelligence Logical SQL View Objects, Business Intelligence Soap Connection) but I can not add "Business Intelligence ADF Task Flow". I do not know why.
I tested the process for jdevelopers (,, but I would face with an error

I found the extensions in this link. Although i couldn't download jdeveloper extensions from the link, by hitting the update button inside jdeveloper I could check the needed extensions and download

I do not know what is wrong with, 2.1.2, 2.1.3 versions. am I missing something ?

By the way I would be so grateful if you could inform me with

a tutorial about integrating adf with OBI.

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