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Installing the Update Client

Michael.R.Taylor-OracleFeb 11 2019 — edited Feb 22 2019

Your public facing IP address is most likely a dynamic IP address assigned by your Internet Service provider and it changes frequently. To keep your hostname linked to your public IP address, you will need to install 's Update Client on a computer in the same network as your device.


To keep your IP updated, it is highly recommended to install the Update Client on a computer that is on at all times.


To install the Update Client       

In your account, go to Account Settings and locate your Updater Client Key. If the Updater Client Key field is blank, click Generate Key.



Generating a new Updater Key will override the password on any other existing DDNS update clients attached to your account. This means that you will have to distribute the new key to any existing update client linked to your Remote Access account.

  1. Download and install the Update Client.
  3. Open the Update Client and click on Add Account. Enter your account username and use the Updater Client Key as your password.
  5. Click the check box beside your new hostname and then click Configure Selected Host.
  7. Ensure that Automatic is selected from the IPv4 Configuration drop-down menu, and then click OK.


Your hostname will automatically be updated when your IP address changes.

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Added on Feb 11 2019