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Installing oic 8

User_6XD9JJan 9 2016 — edited Jan 15 2016


I wonder if you can advise what I am doing wrong ? Do I need to install oic8 via pecl ?

All hellp greatly appreciated.

Linux 6

I have installed apache 2.2.31 and PHP 5.6.17, compiling from source. Apaceh is executing php scripts fine.

Configuration used for compiling php:

./configure --prefix=/opt/php56 --with-mysql --with-zlib --with-apxs2=/opt/apache22/bin/apxs --with-oci8=shared,/opt/oracle/app/product/12.1.0/client_1

I get this error when i try to use oci connect

Fatal error: Call to undefined function oci_connect() in /opt/apache22/htdocs/db_connect.php on line 17

Line 17:

$conn = oci_connect('hr', 'hrtest', 'xe_test_db');

extract of php.ini

extension_dir = "/opt/php56/lib/php/extensions/no-debug-non-zts-20131226"

extension = ""

rwxr-xr-x. 1 root root 490401 JanĀ  9 18:32 /opt/php56/lib/php/extensions/no-debug-non-zts-20131226/

nm /opt/php56/lib/php/extensions/no-debug-non-zts-20131226/ | grep connect

00000000002232a0 d arginfo_oci_connect

0000000000223360 d arginfo_oci_new_connect

0000000000223420 d arginfo_oci_pconnect

0000000000226438 b le_connection

0000000000226420 b le_pconnection

000000000000a0f0 t php_oci_connection_close

0000000000008ed0 t php_oci_connection_commit

0000000000009f70 t php_oci_connection_descriptors_free

000000000000a320 t php_oci_connection_list_dtor

00000000000094d0 t php_oci_connection_ping

0000000000009fa0 t php_oci_connection_release

0000000000009090 t php_oci_connection_rollback

000000000000d870 t php_oci_do_connect

000000000000b2e0 t php_oci_do_connect_ex

0000000000007e10 t php_oci_dtrace_check_connection

000000000000a2f0 t php_oci_pconnection_list_dtor

000000000000a340 t php_oci_pconnection_list_np_dtor

000000000001b100 t zif_oci_connect

000000000001b120 t zif_oci_new_connect

000000000001b0e0 t zif_oci_pconnect

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