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Installing Clusterware with AFD doesn't work

gurbelunderJan 29 2024

Hello community,

Actually I'm trying to setup a Oracle SEHA Test Cluster. For that I've installed Oracle Linux 8.9 because Oracle Linux9 seems not to work with ASM Filter driver (see MOS Note 1369107.1).

I've installed Oracle Linux 8.9 and made a complete os update. So my kernel now is:

[root@mds-ora-unx-01 bin]# uname -r

Now I start installing Clusterware. I load all software packages and patchsets for because regarding to MOS Note 1369107.1 this patchset is the most actual I can use for Clusterware when I want use AFD under Oracle Linux 8.9. I like to use Combo Patchset with OJVM so I take Patchset 35370167.

I try setup Clusterware including patching with:

cd $ORACLE_HOME ; ./ -applyRU /u01/software/patches/35370167/35319490 -applyOneOffs /u01/software/patches/35370167/35354406

Patching works fine and installer starts. But when I'm on screen for setting up my CRS ASM Disk and activate checkup for installing AFD i get this error

AFD-9462: The /u01/app/oracle/product/grid/19/usm/install/Oracle/EL8/x86_64/4.18.0-477/4.18.0-477-x86_64/bin/oracleacfs-4.18.0-477.el8.x86_64.rpm RPM is not compatible with kernel kernel-core-4.18.0-513.11.0.1.el8_9.x86_64.
AFD-9466: *********************** SYMBOLS SUMMARY ***********************
AFD-9465:  Kernel: 'kernel-core-4.18.0-513.11.0.1.el8_9.x86_64', RPM: '/u01/app/oracle/product/grid/19/usm/install/Oracle/EL8/x86_64/4.18.0-477/4.18.0-477-x86_64/bin/oracleacfs-4.18.0-477.el8.x86_64.rpm'
AFD-9464:   Symbol full_name_hash: ERROR, SYMBOL MISMATCH required '0x800fb92b' :::: provided '0xd6eaaea1'.
AFD-620: AFD is not supported on this operating system version: '4.18.0-513.11.0.1.el8_9.x86_64'
AFD-9201: Not Supported
AFD-9294: updating file /etc/sysconfig/oracledrivers.conf

But MOS Note 1369107.1 says my OS, kernel and Patchset are fine.

So I search for “AFD 4.18.0-513.11.0.1.el8_9.x86_64” and I found MOS Note 2997861.1. Seems there is bug 35988503 affecting me. So I try to use this patch also. I downloaded the patch, unzip it and want install patch 35988503 also with installation with

cd $ORACLE_HOME ; ./ -applyRU /u01/software/patches/35370167/35319490 -applyOneOffs /u01/software/patches/35370167/35354406 /u01/software/patches/35988503/35988503

But unfortunately I get a

Preparing the home to patch...
Applying the patch /u01/software/patches/35370167/35319490...
Successfully applied the patch.
Applying the patch /u01/software/patches/35370167/35354406...
Successfully applied the patch.
The log can be found at: /tmp/GridSetupActions2024-01-29_07-00-35PM/installerPatchActions_2024-01-29_07-00-35PM.log
[INS-04007] Invalid argument passed from command line: /u01/software/patches/35988503/35988503
Usage: [<flag>] [<option>]

So it looks like that patch 35988503 is not able to get installed over this way. But how now? I want do a complete fresh installation. Maybe I need use an earlier patchset?

Any ideas? Any tipps? Would be helpful :)

Thanks and regards,

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Added on Jan 29 2024
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