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Installer broken: "Error setting up base repository" - what's the UEK9 base repo?

User_6NVY8Jan 1 2023

I booted this: OL9U1 x86_64-boot-uek.iso
from here
which purports to "contains everything that is required to boot a system with Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel (UEK) and start an installation"
except the "Installation Source" reads "Error setting up base repository" and refuses to continue.
I've tried with a manual public IPv4 IP (which works - I can "ping" the installer from a remote machine), and also with DHCP over NAT - same problem both times.
If I type this monster of a URL in after clicking the error: "" - then the installation continues, but that's OL9, not UEK9, - so I've verified that the bootup is fine and networking works OK - but the installer doesn't seem to know its own source.
Not a great first impression!
How do I install UEK9 ?

This post has been answered by User_6NVY8 on Jan 3 2023
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Added on Jan 1 2023