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Java SE (Java Platform, Standard Edition)


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Installation problem - urgent, PLEASE help!!

843799Jul 23 2001 — edited Aug 3 2001
I'm trying to install Java3D and somehow it doesn't seem to be working. I'm not sure whether I should be installing the opengl or the
directx version, but I've tried both with no luck. I'm running Windows

I downloaded the JSDK beta 1.4 version (I have previously tried also
with the 1.3 version, this didn't work either), and now have the
jdk1.3.1 as a folder on my C drive ( C:\jdk1.3.1) . Then I downloaded
Java3D from the website, onto C, as an executable file. When I clicked
it, it went through the installation process (not giving me any
options for where to install it, i was just clicking on 'next') and
seemed to complete ok, but I'm trying to test it by running the
helloUniverse demo, and the file isn't even there. There's a Java3D
folder which has been created in Windows, but this just contains a
folder called uninstall_info.

On my Java plug-in control Panel, it is currently set to 'use java
plug-in default'. The other options are to use JRE or JDK, in folders
Program Files\JavaSoft or JDK1.3.1 respectively. I don't know which
one I should be choosing! I think I tried it with the JDK option
before and that didn't work either.

If anyone can please help I'd be really grateful, this is getting
quite urgent!
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Locked on Aug 31 2001
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