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Installation of ODBC failed

User_D7IFHJan 17 2022 — edited Jan 17 2022

I havce installed an Oracle DB, Express edition, just for few tests using ODBC. But I cannot run them, because I have failed when I've tried to install ODBC driver.
Here is my status: Win10, 64 bit, Oracle Express edition:
Untitled.pngHere is the PATH environment:
And here is my Oracle services:
Untitled4.pngOk, so far, so good. And I have tried to install ODBC client, from here:
This one:
But when I ran odbc_install.exe, I got:
Could't find Oracle Instant Client in present directory.
Taking account what I said before and my status, what could be the problem ? Can you help me to solve this ? I really need this ODBC.

Thank you.

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Added on Jan 17 2022
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