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Install Oracle Stream Explorer in existing (SOA) domain

Peter van Nes at The Future GroupJan 20 2016 — edited Jan 20 2016


Is there a way to install OSE in an existing (SOA) domain ? E.g. using templates ?

The Oracle Stream Explorer Data Sheet states that the runtime platform for OSE can be deployable stand-alone, integrated in the SOA stack or lightweight on Embedded Java.

But do not exactly know how to interpret 'integrated in the SOA stack'. I can explain this two ways, it is able to integrate with SOA, but has to be installed in a separate domain OR it can be installed as part of a domain.

When installing/creating a SOA 12.2.1 domain, oep is installed in $ORACLE_HOME/oep. Also StreameXplorerWar.war is available in $ORACLE_HOME/SOA/oep/modules.

I tried to deploy StreameXplorer.war but this failed.



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