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Install Goldengate 21 Microservices for MySQL alongside Oracle 21 Microservices for Oracle

cptkirkshNov 16 2023

I want to migrate data from MySQL to Oracle. I have a current install of Goldengate Microservices 21.11 for Oracle up and running. I would assume i need to install Goldengate 21 Microservices for MySQL. When I do I notice I have to install it in a folder other than my Goldengate Microservices 21.11 for Oracle folders. When I do that I can use the file in the MySQL folders to create a new deployment. It all shows up just fine. Then when I want to update my nginx reverse proxy setup I now get the following error. "Error - Only one Service Manager URL can be specified" I assume i messed something up. Well, i went ahead and removed the MySQL version and now I get that error all of the time. I guess my question is do I need to install both versions and just map the MySQL to the SerivceManager in the Oracle version? Also how do I get past that error about only one service manager when I only show one in the adminclient. Thanks in advance.

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Added on Nov 16 2023
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