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ORDS, SODA & JSON in the Database


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Install and validate ORDS without SYS as SYSDBA

Sam.KFeb 15 2019 — edited Feb 18 2019


I know that ORDS always required SYS as SYSDBA in order to successfully install and validate ORDS, but I was hoping that this changes in 18.4 to address an issue many of us faced in AWS (using Oracle RDS). Unfortunately, the documentation still says:

"You must have the SYS AS SYSDBA account for installing, upgrading, validating or uninstalling Oracle REST Data Services."

Again, AWS RDS does *not* give SYS or SYSTEM access to user, and instead gives a "Master" user access which is a restricted version of SYSTEM user that -at least for me- has been sufficient to do almost everything I needed to develop APEX applications. I thought Oracle would work with AWS to address this common issue that has been an issue for long time. This would be a huge step in the right direction to make it easier for us to have clients use AWS for APEX, unless the goal is to force clients to use Oracle Cloud, or full non-managed BYOL-based Oracle installation on AWS EC2, if they are looking for full APEX RESTful experience in the cloud.

Has anyone come across this issue and found a workaround?


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Added on Feb 15 2019