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Inserting new row into VO, committing, then calling vo.executeQuery() does not display the newly cre

lhymelAug 4 2014 — edited Aug 6 2014

Hi guys

I am using jdev 12.1.2.

I am having an issue regarding stale view object and entity object data.  My use case is: I have a databound af:table that I am using to insert a new row into the database.  I am creating the row with a createWithParams call, and everything is working fine with that.  I call commit on the application module containing the view object, and the data is correctly inserted into the database table.  Next, as a part of my requirements, I call vo.executeQuery() on the view object, however the newly inserted row is not present in the af:table or the view object.  The row does not appear until I leave my application and come back in.  Once I do this, the row is found in the view object and is correctly displayed in the table. 

This is not enough as I need the view object to be aware of the new row(s) without having the restart the application.  Is there some setting that I am missing in my view object?  I am guessing that my entity object contains stale data, but I do not know how to refresh its data.  Thanks for reading.


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Added on Aug 4 2014