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Insert via Timesten Vs Oracle

user11442881Feb 5 2016 — edited Feb 5 2016


I am using Oracle 11g and Timesten 11.2.2 in Windows 7 64 Bit.

I am trying to insert records into a table which has 47 columns. The table has a combo primary key of 3 columns which are type of Char, Number & Date.

I measured the time taken for inserting (Including Commit) 10 Lakhs records via Java Program which uses JDBC Batch API with the following configuration.

Auto Commit = False

Batch Size = 5000

Number of batches in a manual commit = 5

The time taken was around 36 seconds.

And now, I tried to optimize the same operation via Timesten using the following configuration.

Database Type: Temporary

Cache Group Type:  User Managed, Manual Propagation

No logs using -noserverlog entry in ttendaemon.options file.

Perm Space 3GB

Temp Space 32MB

Same Batch API configuration Via Java Program.

Auto Commit = False

Batch Size = 5000

Number of batches in a manual commit = 5

With this configuration, the time taken to insert 10Lakhs records into RAM is around 26 Seconds But the manual flush command takes around 140 seconds.

So the total time taken was 166 seconds which is around 5 times compared to the time taken for normal JDBC Batch Api call.

Please let me know what I am missing here and Please let us know how we can achieve better performance for insert statements via Timesten.

And I kindly request you to justify with proper reasons if you are suggesting something.

Thanks in advance.

Thanks & Regards

Sujith Visvanathan

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