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InfiniBand Adapter M3: mcxnex0: fault cleared external to device; service unavailable SPARC T8-2

I am interconnecting a SPARC T8-2 server (Solaris 11.4 SRU July 2021) with a Storage ZS5-2 using 2 "Oracle Dual Port QDR InfiniBand Adapter M3" cards. But when starting the server it throws me errors like the following "NOTICE: mcxnex0: fault cleared external to device; service unavailable" and when I try to create the partitions (dladm create-part .... ffff_ibp2) and the interface (ipadm create-ip ffff_ibp2), the latter does not finish.

However, it does not show me any hardware failure.

I have tried to update the firmware of the cards, however, I cannot find the packages (MOS) supported for SPARC T8-2, it gives me the message "Currently running on host type: SPARC T8-2
ERROR: Metadata does not include support for this host "

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Added on Aug 5 2021