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Inconsistent handling of operator delete

kovalAug 21 2017 — edited Aug 21 2017

Studio 12.5 and 12.6 incorrectly handles operator delete(void*, size_t) in constructor initializer list.

The following code sample shows the problem.

#include <new>

class C {

    friend class D;

    friend class E;

    void* operator new(std::size_t);

    void operator delete(void*);

    void operator delete(void*, std::size_t) = delete;


class D {

    C* c;

    D(): c(new C) { }


class E {

    C* c = new C;



line 15: Error: Using deleted function 'static C::operator delete(void*, unsigned)'.

1 Error(s) detected.

As you can see, no error is reported in class E where C::operator new is called in direct initializer. In class D same expression is not accepted in constructor initializer list.

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