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Incomplete deploy

Edward D.G.Dec 20 2012 — edited Dec 21 2012
My jdevloper is and my weblogic is 10.3

When i try to do a deply the domain log throw this error:

<12/20/2012 02:47:48 PM BOT> <Error> <Deployer> <BEA-149138> <You have specified
a subset of the originally configured targets for the application 'Despachos_Pr
oject1_Despachos'. This can potentially lead to out of sync applications between
the different server targets. The target(s) specified, '[AdminServer]', is/are
different from those of the previous version, '[JRFWSAsyncJmsServer, AdminServer

What can i do?
This post has been answered by Timo Hahn on Dec 20 2012
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