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Including SYSDATE in a spool file name

AnnieMJun 9 2021

I want to set a spool file name to 2 variables, plus SYSDATE.
It works for the 2 variables:
define PIDM1 = '12059500';
define PIDM2 = '12177237';
spool c:\temp_amm\&PIDM1._&PIDM2.BANPROD_data.txt
(file name is: 12059500_12177237BANPROD_data.txt)
Through a google search, I found that the typical set up to include SYSDATE is as follows
col date_stp new_value date_stp noprint
select to_char(sysdate,'yyyy_mm_dd') date_stp from dual;
spool c:\temp_amm\&date_stp.&PIDM1._&PIDM2.objects_data.txt
But it does not work for me; I receive a message box to provide the value for date_stp
Any thoughts on how to set this to work?
Later in the coding, I have the following set:
set echo off
set verify off
set feedback off
set headings off
set trimspool on
set termout on

Running in Oracle SQL Developer Version
Oracle Database 12c Enterprise Edition Release - 64bit Production
Thank you so much for your time and help!

This post has been answered by KayK on Jun 14 2021
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Added on Jun 9 2021