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inbound/outbound jms adapters can not access queues when on different servers

user5851884Jan 29 2015 — edited Feb 2 2015


Im using OEP 12C and have implemented a project that contains the following:

  • An inbound jms adapter that polls an external JMS queue hosted in a weblogic server (e.g "server1_queue1")
  • An outbound jms adapter that stores the message from the inbound adapter in another external JMS queue hosted in another weblogic server (e.g "server2_queue2")

My problem is that I can not read a message from server1_queue1 (using the inbound jms adapter) and then put the message in server2_queue2 (using the outbound jms adapter). I get the exception [Security:090398]Invalid Subject: principals=[weblogic, Administrators]" when I try to put the message in server2_queue2.

This exception only happens when the two queues are on different weblogic servers, I can successfully read and write messages when both queues are on the same machine e.g server1 or server2 so I know that the configured credentials are correct.

Also I can read messages from server1_queue1 and write messages to server2_queue2 using a test tool (HermesJMS).

If I can not make this work I will have to try implement a custom JMS outbound adapter using plain java code but I really want to use the built-in adapters.


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