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In Oracle RAC environment (19.21), the node cannot reboot automatically after the CSSD process was dead

Wang FrankDec 26 2023

Hello Friends,

I installed Oracle RAC environment with 2 nodes. I faced one issue that when I manually kill the CSSD process on one node, the node cannot be rebooted automatically. (The node status is no responding, I have to login physical server KVM to click “reboot” button to reboot the server). I checked the document it mentioned the node can be reboot automatically after CSSD was killed manually on the node.

My Oracle RAC environment is OS version: SUSE SLES 12SP5, Oracle GI and RDBMS version: 19.21.

Could someone face this kind of issue before? Could you kindly please let me know how to fix it?

Thank you for your help in advance!

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Added on Dec 26 2023