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Importance of Global Consistency check

646894Nov 23 2009 — edited Dec 1 2009

I have always checked my rpd for global consistency without knowing the actual meaning behind it. But last night I created a logical column with the following expression:


basically i created an aggregation over a logical column that obtains its value from session variable. I know that if we need to use a column as an aggregation column we should use the aggregation tab in the column properties. When we choose an aggregation it disables the editable column formula field.

I put the above formula which violates the rule. The result is perfect so long as I don't check for global consistency. It throws an error that looks something like this:

[38083] The Attribute 'Acceptance Rate Target' defines a measure using an obsolete method.

The question is.. what is the significance of global consistency check.. and what is the consistency criteria.. and is it ok to save the rpd without checking for global consistency (yes this does not cause the BI server to crash when trying to start)

This post has been answered by Stijn Gabriels on Nov 25 2009
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