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Import / create Integration knowledge modules

et4891May 28 2021 — edited May 28 2021

I am new to ODI and was going to catch some exceptions such as making sure what is passed is a number instead of varchar, or validate the length then record these exceptions into a different table.
Came to tutorials and notes that it seems like I should be using Check Knowledge Module which seems to be linked with Integration Knowledge Module being used while mapping. From what I read this will catch exceptions and put them inside an E$_table, so I want to try it out.
I was using VM ODI downloaded from
It includes an append Integration Knowledge module, then I started using the big data lite VM from which is more updated version of ODI and the Oracle Database too.

But in the big data lite ODI, I do not see the append option in Integration Knowledge module, I wonder if there's a way I can either export from the previous VM then import into the new VM. I was checking googling but most of them were talking about exporting / importing environment, repositories and so on.

Can someone shade me some light on how to progress?
Thanks in advance for any suggestions and advices.
P.S. If I am actually on the wrong road of wanting to catch exceptions to another table such as if `TO_NUMBER(value)` gives an exception error or if even possible `LENGTH(value) != 5` something like these. Please let me know and if can lead me to where I can find tutorials with images, I really appreciate the help.
Thanks a lot

This post has been answered by Marco Fris on Jun 3 2021
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