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Implementing lazy loading of task flows

Vikul Aggarwal (Oracle)Jul 2 2013 — edited Jul 11 2013

I have a dashboard which has multiple regions. These regions are implemented as task flows in showDetailFrame components. There regions can be individually expanded or collapsed. Whenever a region is expanded or collapsed, this is stored in the personalisation content by the framework, and the state of that particular region is retained on the next login. I want to implement lazy loading of task flows on my dashboard. Such that, if a particular region is found collapsed upon login, the task flow shouldn't be fired at all. I can't find an approach to start with. What i have in mind is, if i could determine the state of the components before the page is rendered, i could control the activation of the task flow. But for that, i'd require to access the mds related data. Is there an API using which i can access that?

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