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IG Select List Column used in Link

JessicaWilsonJan 28 2021

This seems like it should be an easy one, but I'm struggling - Apex 20.1.
I have an IG that contains a column with a link to an IR on another page. One of the IG columns that I need to use in the link is an org_id column that uses a select list to display the org_name.
Org ID | Org Name
1 Org 1
2 Org 2
The IR on the subsequent page has the same org_id column displaying the same select list org name value.
When I pass &ORG_ID. to IR_ORG_ID, the Org ID is passed, but the IR seems to expect the Org Name. So I get Org Name = 1 and no data meets the filter. Is there a way to pass the org_name from the select list on the IG or make the IR interpret the org_id value to filter correctly?
Just seems like these would behave the same way - use the ID value in both places or use the name but not use the ID on the IG and the name on the IR.
Thanks in advance for any help that can be offered.

P.S. I did find a note about using &COLUMN_NAME%display. in the link but that didn't work for me.

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Added on Jan 28 2021