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IG: Dynamic Action sometimes not Set Value but sometimes does?

SmithJohn45Feb 18 2022 — edited Feb 18 2022

facing another problem in same page IG on which you helped to block Duplications. 2 columns has same calculation because don't know in which column user change the figure.
1st problem is sometimes it is not calculating or calculate but value not appear in grid column but sometimes it working fine.
2nd problem is when i check for duplicate value, it is showing Alert and leave DESCRIPTION column null (as it should be) but other values are returned as PopUp LOV returns more that 1 column. even i set Client Side condition: item/column is not null and component type = column and column = DESCRIPTION , but its null and values are returned in columns INSTALLMENT_AMT and NO_OF_INSTALLMENTS.
see screenshot below at for reference:
image.pngplease help.
ws credentials are same.
this screenshot at my local workspaace:

This post has been answered by Hamza Al-abbasi on Feb 18 2022
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Added on Feb 18 2022