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Java Security

idiots guide to keystores and truststores (microprofile)

oladslwMay 2 2021 — edited May 2 2021

I'm taking my first major stab at keystores and It is not as simple to workout as it reads at high level.
My use case:
Implement MTLS for java microservices A and B using microprofile (e.g. helidon mp 2x.)
Microservice A is deployed to a Kubernetes cluster behind an nginx ingress controller with a wild card TLS certificate applied for domain * .
Microservice A is accessible via
No explicit SSL configuration has been applied in Microservice A's config files thus internally it is running in Non SSL mode.
Microservice B is in development and running on my development pc.
Microservice B has a rest client to microservice B

I have the .crt and .key files for *
What steps do I need to take to ensure both microservices have the necessary certificates to communicate with each other and get past the SSL handshake exceptions?

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Added on May 2 2021
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