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identity mapping with 2016 AD & SSSD

wjbrauckMay 19 2020

We are trying to integrate a ZFSA cluster into a mixed Windows RHEL environment. 

     ZFSA firmware version is 2013., 1-1.3. 

     AD is Windows 2016 based where NIS and IMU are deprecated.

     The RHEL hosts use SSSD to join the domain.

SSSD is using Windows Active Directory as access, id, and auth providers.  SSSD is configured to use the "Automatically generate new UIDs and GIDs for AD users" mode.   Unix atributes are not entered into AD.

SSSD using automatically generated UIDs and GIDs worked well with a linux server and NFSv4. Both Windows and linux users could access shares with group access ACLs applied.

Question is how to configure the ZFSA to authenticate SMB and Linux users?  The ZFSA appliance will replace the linux NFS server.

The Oracle whitepaper "How to use Microsoft Active Directory as an LDAP Source with Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance"  does not work since we do not enter unix attributes in AD.


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Added on May 19 2020
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