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Identify cluster database services

User_I9DCKFeb 12 2020 — edited Feb 12 2020
How can I identify the cluster database services at the operating system level?

I have the databases configured with services to manage them with the resource manager. As follows:

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------
Cluster Resources
-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------
ora.sine.db                                    1 ONLINE ONLINE oracle7desa Open, HOME = / oracle12 /12102 / oradb / dbhome1,                 STABLE
ora.sine.sine_procesados.svc       1 ONLINE ONLINE oracle7desa                                                                                                     STABLE

I would like to be able to monitor this ora.sine.sine_precesador.svc service in the operating system. In this case an AIX. How can you know what the process is in AIX?

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Added on Feb 12 2020
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